Otten is in

It’s now official. As of this morning (Monday) Maine Energy Systems CEO, former American Ski Co. CEO, and part Red Sox owner Les Otten has announced he will challenge Bruce Poliquin and Matt Jacobson for the Republican nomination to run for governor.

My profile of Otten will be coming in a few days. In the meantime that lovely curmudgeon Al Diamon weighs in on Otten’s campaign, as well as Dawn Hill, Eliot Cutler, Rosa Scarelli

What’s happening Wednesday?

The price of gas in Maine is going up. The gas tax is rising from 28.4 cents per gallon to 29.6 cents. I was just saying the other day that $2.79 is far too little to pay for gasoline. Why someone ought to increase the cost!

The summer tourists are just going to love this.