Matt Jacobson a phenominal candidate says Next Right

In a piece on Gov. Baladachi’s tax reform plan, the Republican blog The Next Right’s wanders away from policy talk and into the 2010 gubernatorial election. The Next Right believes that Matt Jacobson is the candidate to beat in the primary and election.

Jacobson, claims The Next Right, is in prime position to monopolize on his business stance. In these economic hard times a candidate with the nick-name the “human jobs machine” will be difficult to beat.

from The Next Right:

Rather than the tired, poor choices presented to Maine voters in the 2006 election, there is actually an impressive crop of Republicans running for Governor in 2010 – cheif among them is Matt Jacobson, President and CEO of Maine & Company, an organization aimed at bringing businesses to Maine.

Jacobson has been carving out a decidedly pro-business, pro-growth, pro-jobs economic agenda for his candidacy, and it is already starting to resonate. Indeed, Jacobson has been described as a “human jobs machine”, as his position is literally devoted to doing just that – creating jobs. In this environment, that type of economic message can quickly light on fire.

Since we are struggling to bring new business to the state and diversify our industry, Mainers can surely get behind a message like this. We need to stop the bleeding from the fading paper, fishing, and logging industries here in Maine. Mainers are going to vote pro-business this election, that is almost a given. Jacobson’s reputation in the business world does give him a bit of a leg up. Jacobson is already pushing this point his site. However, most candidates have been quick to realize that jobs will be the number one issue in the next election. The ones who can hammer home that they have the best solutions to Maine’s economic woes will likely be packing for Augusta.


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