We’ve got to learn civics before it swims up and bite us on the ass!

Americans seem to have no idea how their government functions, who is running things, or what it’s founding documents even mean. How can we effectively participate in this system without understanding it, or caring in some cases. If we really want to improve our communities and get people involved again the best way to do that is through education. This is a topic I have covered here at The Maine View in the past (here and here.) Well now the cause has a celebrity backer. Richard Dreyfuss.

In recent years Dreyfuss has been touring spreading his passion for civics education. Dreyfuss pursued various avenues to spread his message including a two hour television show. Next fall Dreyfuss plans to have a civics curriculum he developed in use on Martha’s Vineyard.

from Boston.com:

Years ago, Dreyfuss began contemplating ways of teaching schoolchildren the fundamentals of citizenship in a modern democracy. His first notion, a two-hour TV show, never got off the ground. His Oxford studies kept the idea alive, though, and last year Dreyfuss began work on a public-school civic s curriculum. He hopes to have a pilot program up and running on Martha’s Vineyard next fall.

The Vineyard connection harkens back to “Jaws.” A mutual friend who worked on the film with Dreyfuss introduced him to Robert Tankard , a local teacher and school administrator. The two struck up a friendship that deepened over time.

“We talk about government and education, not acting,” says Tankard, currently a Vineyard school committee member. “Richard is extremely passionate. He loves this country but feels it can do a better job educating our kids how to become better citizens.”

Dreyfuss will be speaking this Friday in Bar Harbor, Maine. He will address the Maine State Bar Association on his civics projects.

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