The Bolt to the Blaine House ’10 – Steve Rowe (D)

I’ve already detailed the early campaigns of Bruce Poliquin (R), and Lynne Williams (G). Today former Maine Attorney General and Democratic candidate for governor Steve Rowe steps up to bat.

Rowe, like the other candidates, has embraced the need for social networking. Frankly, any candidate who does will never get elected. Rowe tweets, facebooks, and blogs. There isn’t much to look at yet. Rowe’s twitter and facebook basically direct you to his blog, well welcome message really. It’s early still though, so I’ll let it slide. It doesn’t make my job easy though Mr. Rowe.

Rowe’s message is not all that different from what I read on Bruce Poliquin’s site. Improving education, keeping graduates in Maine, creating jobs, lowering healthcare costs, pursuing alternative energy, and helping improve conditions for all Maine families are all on Rowe’s plate. Little has been said about how Rowe seeks to accomplish those goals as governor. I’m sure the differences between Rowe and Poliquin will become evident when Rowe’s methods are presented. Williams, however does present a distinct differences between the goals and methods of the other two. It may be too radical for most voters though.

Rowe has not won any points with conservative Christians. You may remember the contraception fiasco at Portland’s King Middle School in 2007. Rowe’s wife, Amanda Rowe, had been Portland’s school nurse coordinator and Rowe Attorney General at the time. The Christian Civil League were concerned that Amanda Rowe knew children from King Middle under the age of 14 were having sex, a crime in Maine. “By her own public admission, Amanda Rowe knows of a number of pregnancies in Portland’s middle schools,” said the League’s Administrator Mike Hein. Rowe made no statement on the contraception, or legal case filed by the CCL. Many reasoned that Steve Rowe could not have claimed ignorance on the issue. This could cost Rowe some social moderate votes. The majority of those who would object to his silence while AG wouldn’t have voted for him anyway.

If Baldacci is still unpopular when campaigning gets into full swing that could hurt Rowe and any other Democratic runners. Baldacci’s approval rating went from 72% near the beginning of his first term to 42% as of last October. Challengers could incorporate a bit of Obama’s “Change” mantra against the Democrats. Rowe could still distance himself from Governor Baldacci and propose a little change of his own. Without a doubt, Rowe will be there to put up on Hell of a strong challenge.


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