Whose Civil Rights Get Squashed?

Letters to the editor are newspapers’ greatest gift to mankind. Before the ol’ interwebs came along the editorial pages of the local paper were a treat. I’m still delighted to see what wacky notions of the world my neighbors have. Take this fine example from the Sunday Kennebec Journal.

from Kennebec Journal:

Civil liberties are freedoms that protect an individual from the government of the nation in which they reside.Civil liberties set limits for government so that it cannot abuse its power and interfere unduly with the lives of its citizens.

Gay people are currently using the government to abuse the citizens of Maine.

Luckily, the progressives amended the state constitution to allow the people to reject acts and laws passed by the Legislature. The acts taken by the Legislature have completely ignored the will of the people and now the people will fight back.

We are tired of our civil liberties being trampled on.

I’m a little confused.  Which of your civil rights are being abused?  Is your church being forced to perform gay marriages?  No.  Does your church now have to state that same sex marriage is OK or even that being homosexual is acceptable?  No it does not.  Nor will LD1020 force anyone to do any of those things.  You can say, preach, think whatever you please.  You even have the freedom to write to your local paper concerning it.

Perhaps you forgot that in doing what you ask in your letter it is you who are trampling on someone’s civil rights, specifically one’s protection from discrimination.

LD1020 infringes upon no one.  Not allowing same sex couples, or anyone for that matter, save criminals, to have the exact same rights as everyone else tramples civil rights.   Do not try to hide behind one of our nations great principals to justify your disregard for others’ rights.  Your rights are fine.  You can keep complaining till the cows come home. Trying to shackle the rights of others and claiming that is your civil right to do so just wont hold water with me.


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