Another Obama Lincoln Connection

Before Barack Obama was even elected comparisons were drawn between Obama and Abraham Lincoln. Both were junior senators from Illinois. Both were seen as uniters. Obama used the Lincoln Bible during his inauguration. Lincoln and Obama are both known as gifted orators. Did you know they both had a penchant for off color jokes?

Mr. Obama’s humor has gotten him into hot water in the past. Shortly after Obama was elected he made a remark on Nancy Reagan’s use of astrology while in the White House. At a Chicago conference Obama mentioned that he had spoken with all the living past presidents. Then Mr. Obama said, “I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about doing any seances.” Not wise Barry.

Then came the Tonight Show fiasco. If we learned anything from W it’s that you can’t speak in public like you do with your sports buddies.

Lincoln however was much worse. While Obama’s humor is for the barroom at best, Lincoln’s is too blue for even the whorehouse. Fred Kaplan, whose excellent book I happen to be reading, documents Lincoln’s locker room talk. Lincoln was known for his profanity and obscenity almost as well as for his eloquence and persuasiveness. Here are a few examples of Lincoln’s dirty mind

from Daily KOS:

Here’s an example of a couple of verses from the poem as recalled by John Romaine:

“Reuben & Charles have married 2 girls / But Billy has married a boy . . . Billy and natty agree very well / Mamma is pleased with the match. / The Egg is laid but won’t hatch.” And Billy, another Grigsby son, is told by the woman who has rejected his marriage proposal, “you Cursed ball head / My Suitor you never Can be / besides your low Croch proclaims you a botch / and that never Can anser for me.”

Henry Whitney recalled how Lincoln once went after a witness who thought himself a great ladies man:

“…[Lincoln said,] ‘there is Busey–he pretends to be a great heart smasher–does wonderful things with the girls–but I’ll venture that he never entered his flesh but once and that is when he fell down & stuck his finger in his–‘; right out in open Court.”

Once a farmer asked Lincoln why he didn’t put his stories in a book. Lincoln replied,

“Such a book would stink like a thousand privies.'” Whitney commented, “I can’t think he gloated over filth however. I think that…he had great ideality and also a view of grossness which displaced the ideality.”

Thankfully for Lincoln, such vulgarities were not completely frowned upon in his time. Politics was downright rude and slanderous. Oh how things have changed! Still, Mr. Obama had better keep his words in check. One slip can alienate a whole voting block. Don’t believe me? I just have one word for you. Hymietown.

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