Obama to Apologize for WWII – Barry Goes to Dresden

Well that’s a gross exaggeration, but read on…

For the anniversary of the Allied landings at Normandy, President Obama will visit Germany this coming June. The White House has announced that while there President Obama will go to Buchenwald and nearby Dresden.

There is quite a contrast between the two locations. Buchenwald was once a cog of the Nazi concentration system. 50,000 internees were estimated to have been slaughtered between it’s opening in 1938 to it’s liberation in 1945. Deaths occurred by execution, medical experimentations, and by literally being worked to death. What the Nazis perpetrated here and other places can be label nothing less than heinous.

The Allies bombed Dresden in February 1945, only twelve weeks before Germany surrendered. Throughout four air raids, Allied bombers dropped nearly 4,000 tons of incendiary explosives on Dresden. The bombs caused a firestorm which swept through the city. Somewhere between 24,000 and 40,000 citizens perished in the flames and 13 square miles where destroyed. Military planners considered Dresden a center for communications, rail, and contained 110 factories.

Will this be another “Bonzo goes to Bitburg“? (Reagan did have a noble motive for going)

The conservative blogosphere has launched attacks of preemptive outrage at Obama’s visit. Some are so angry you would think President Obama had let his dog relieve himself at Omaha Beach. How ’bout some samples?

from American Thinker

No doubt Obama will speak strongly against Nazi terror while in Dresden. But what does it say about our president that he may very well equate what happened to the Jews with what happened to German citizens during the war? Is he capable of recognizing the moral difference? Is he capable of recognizing evil at all?

from Atlas Shrugs (this article is well written and should be read for the history)

The total number of Americans buried at the cemeteries above is 104,366 — a mere fraction of those who died liberating Europe — and yet an American president who confuses arrogance with leadership feels the need to apologize in Europe for the country he obviously holds in contempt.

from Obama Fail

While in Europe for D-Day ceremonies next month, Ofail is planning at stop in Dresden, Germany. Germans have a unique perspective on the city — for them, it is the central icon of the suffering inflicted on Germany during the war. The Allies basically bombed the crap out of Dresden in their bid to rid the world of the evils of the Nazis. Sorry about that, but it had to be done. These things happen during war.

Well, Ofail certainly won’t miss an opportunity to Opologize to the Germans for the “war crimes” committed by the Americans. The official word is that he will “recognize German suffering”, which clearly is liberal codespeak for “bend over backwards showing how terrible America is and how sorry we are for making the world safe”.

Ok what is the genesis of this apology speech? An article in the German paper Deutsche Welle, which the Daily Kos suggests doesn’t exsist

from Daily Kos

The twist is of course that there is no such article, he merely links to the newspapers home page and was actually trying to be satirical. The only way I can know this is that he tagged the article with satire, a fact that the conservative blogosphere seems to have missed.

If, and that’s a big if, Obama should apologize for the Dresden bombing I would be extremely disappointed. There have of course been debates on whether or not the Dresden bombing was necessary. The atomic bombings of Japan have been similarly judged, usually without knowledge of the lives, Japanese and American, that bombing saved. Most of the anti-Ally debates on Dresden, at least those accusing the Allies of war crimes, come from far left intellectuals and far right German groups.

Can Obama go to Dresden and not mention the bombing? That would be an even riskier move than going to Dresden in the first place. Can he say the deaths of the civilians in the firestorm were tragic? Yes, because of course they were. Can he make a link between Dresden and the Holocaust? He sure as Hell shouldn’t. Apologize for America’s role in the bombing? My level of respect for Mr. Obama would plummet if he did. Do I think he will? If he has any sense of a shred of that centrism I hoped he had I doubt it.

In any case, I’m going to keep my moderate wits and ignore the premature hysteria. Let’s all just wait and see.


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