Texas And Gun Control

I seem to be writing about Texas a lot. This time I really wish I wasn’t.

Last Thursday, a Texas couple fired on a vehicle that had stopped near their property. Here is a report of the incident from the Houston Chronicle. I warn you it is difficult to read.

from Houston Chronicle:

Donald Coffey Jr., his father and friends were on their way back from joy riding near a levee and swimming in the Trinity River around 9 p.m. Thursday when homeowners Gale and Sheila Muhs fired at them with a 12-gauge shotgun, police say.

The Muhses, both 45, are charged with aggravated assault and are being held in the Liberty County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail each. The couple is expected to appear in state district court in the coming week.

Authorities are considering upgrading the charge to murder or capital murder, Bishop said.

The boy, struck in the face, was among eight people, including four children, who had been on the river outing. Four people, including another child, were shot.

The boy’s 5-year-old sister, Destiny, and their father, Donald Coffey Sr., 36, were hit but have been treated by doctors and released.

The fourth shooting victim is family friend Patrick Cammack, 30, whose condition has improved since surgery. Doctors had to leave a bullet in his head, said his wife, Cindy Nelton, who was also there that night.

Nelton said the ordeal happened over two or three minutes in “pitch darkness.”

She said she was driving a sport utility vehicle with the boy’s mother, Becky Coffey. Two of the women’s children, including Destiny, were in the back.

Driving alongside them in a Jeep were Cammack, the elder Coffey, “Little Donald” and Cammack’s son.

The men stopped to use the bathroom and got out of the Jeep near the Muhses’ home in the Westlake subdivision south of Dayton when a woman’s voice boomed through the darkness, Nelton said.

In a message peppered with expletives, she said, the voice ordered the group to get their vehicles off the property.

“And then I heard a shot and our windows were blown out,” Nelton said.

Nelton, who never saw a shooter, said she immediately stomped on the gas and screamed, “We’ve got kids in this vehicle! Y’all need to stop shooting!”

A second shot, and possibly others, came in reply.

I read the story first at The Moderate Voice. Discussion on the story centered the circumstances of the shooting. Most of the commenters, a number of whom were gun owners, raised concerns about the shooting taking place in “pitch darkness”.

from The Moderate Voice:

If your a gun owner or hunter please explain how anyone shoots “in pitch blackness”? These whackjobs shoot at someone they couldn’t see.

I remember in my hunter safety course that you are NOT supposed to shoot until you can SEE the target clearly. If they were shooting in pitch black, then they shouldn’t have been shooting at all. Don’t they have flash lights in Texas?

T_Steel I had a ex-Special Forces fella at the gun range I go to tell me the same Rambie: don’t shoot until you can clearly see the target.

Firing into darkness at “targets”?? That’s what gang members and wackjobs do.

I think T_Steel hit the nail right on the head. A responsible gun owner does not fire blindly. It also sounds like they didn’t give an intelligible warning before they fired. It seems they just yelled for the cars to leave then fired. The article is not clear, but I’m sure it will come out in court.

I haven’t seen many solutions to this problem.

The far left will say, as was said in the article, that we need to ban guns entirely. I completely disagree with this approach. Responsible gun owners make up such a minute portion of gun crimes that would not curb gun violence.

The far right and libertarians will take the opportunity to argue against the leftist push for more controls. I can’t agree with that position either. I don’t mind the hunter having rifles/shotguns, people owning handguns for protection, but assault weapons and armor piercing bullets don’t belong in the hands of civilians. How many animals are you killing that have kevlar vests?

Again I agree with T_Steel who said that guns don’t kill people, it’s the people pulling the triggers. I don’t see what type of legislation could have prevented a tragic case like the one in Texas. A commenter suggested mandatory safety classes and background checks should be required for anyone purchasing a gun. Background checks are absolutely necessary as is the 5 day waiting period. I am doubtful that mandatory safety classes will be more than wastes of money. Some people will go to them and follow the rules. Even that wont guarantee that attendees will follow the safety tips given to them. I think I can safely speculate that the Texas shooters would not have followed what they learned in the safety class as they couldn’t even follow common sense.

Stupid is stupid. You can’t legislate intelligence.


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  1. You say you don’t mind the hunter having shotguns and rifles, but assault rifles and armor piercing bullets serve no purpose. It was a shotgun these imbeciles used.

    It was a tragic thing, for sure, but knee jerk type reactions are not called for. It seems every time something bad goes wrong many people seem to think the entire nation should bend over backward to keep that bad thing from happening again, and in the end worse comes of it.

    I don’t think we need any more laws or restrictions, all the laws in the world don’t stop bad people from doing bad things, sometimes there’s simply nothing feasible that could have been done.

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