The Poli-spectrum Slide – Center right to center left

Our views they are a changin’. That’s what Justin Gardner at Donklephant says. Citing a report from ABC News, Gardner states that while Americans are becoming more liberal on issues like same sex marriage, immigration, and pot legalization they are turning conservative when it comes to gun control and border control. Gardner gives his opinion on a few of the issues and his thoughts on the direction of the country.

from Donklephant:

I agree with every single one of those views except ruling out torture. I don’t think that should be in our playbook, and I’m sure the readers of this blog know exactly why so I won’t get into it.

But everything else I’m on board with. And, yes, I oppose gun control and I want tighter border security.

The first because it’s not our guns that are making us less safe, it’s our drug laws and prison systems that breed criminality. And look at any study where you have conceal and carry. Crime goes down. Sorry folks, but when more people have guns, society gets more polite.

Turning to illegal immigration, in this new, post 9/11 world, it only makes sense to have much tighter border control. And if we want to begin legalizing illegal immigrants, we’re going to have to lock the border up tight. There’s no other way. You can’t have one without the other, and anybody who tells you otherwise is selling you snake oil.

What this tells me is that we’re definitely a moderate nation, and probably leaning a little bit more towards being center left. And after 30 years of being center right, that’s to be expected.

Gay Marriage – It’s a legal issue and a civil rights issue, nothing to do with religion. If you are religious and against gay marriage don’t marry homosexuals in your church and don’t marry a homosexual yourself. We’ve denied American citizens equal rights long enough.

Legalize Illegals – I think it’s a slap in the face to immigrants who when through the process legally. Still we need to address the issue and reform the process.

Pot Legalization – I was against it for the longest time. I think I’m coming around to heavily government controlled, regulated, and taxed growth and sale of pot.

Gun Control – You are right to suggest that guns themselves don’t raise crime rates. Unemployment, education, strict drug laws for some drugs which put too many into a penal system which just nurtures criminality rather than reduce it are influential factors. Guns are still a symptom of crime that must be treated. We need to focus more on keeping guns out of the hands of criminals rather than enacting stricter laws on legal gun owners. Crack down on gun trafficking hard. Give task forces the resources and training they need.

Tighter Borders – Clearly if we are going to control terrorism, illegal drugs, and guns in this country we need to control the flow of people. Everyone focuses on Mexico, which is a large problem, but the Canadian border has vast stretches of land patrolled by only a few guards. They did something on the news here in Maine a few years back about how people on snowmobiles zipped back and forth across the border with no hassle at all. That should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Torture – We need to lead by example. Life isn’t like “24″

As far as the shift from center right to center left, it has been coming for some time. You could see the currents shifting during the early months of the Iraq War. There were protesters in one of the large squares in Portland almost daily. Protesters and war supporters clashed often, vocally not physically. I had never seen such passionate displays before. As the “with us or against us” crowd pushed more and more people pushed back. By the end of the Bush administration, the religious right, neocons, and dittoheads had pushed so hard and so much the shift left was inevitable.

I doubt it will be permanent. Like 9/11 change us forever, so will this economic downturn. Some things just wont go back to as they were before. The Republican party must realize that and adapt. Whether they will or not still remains unanswered.