"Re-Branding" Reform – Arne Duncan lets me down

Clay Burell at Change.org again provides us with a great piece of education writing. Clay takes on Dunc’s mission to “re-brand” No Child Left Behind. Unfortunately for us, and me especially since I had high hopes for Arne Duncan, this will be no retooling of the criticized NCLB. The name is all that will be changed. No shift on what is being tested. No move away from multiple choice exams to written. Forget hopes of a problem solving analytical based exams too. The DOE believes it’s all in the name. That’ll get results.

from Change.org

Arne Duncan wants to “re-brand” No Child Left Behind by renaming it (but keeping its essence of high-stakes, high-pressure tests). He also wants, he says this week, to lengthen the school day, week, and year – six days a week, at least 11 months a year — if American students are to compete² with students abroad³ (says the AP).

So rather than increase the quality of education we should increase the quantity? Since when did “more of a bad thing” become a positive phrase? They are really down the rabbit hole at the DOE. Dunc, you let me down man.

If they are going to to run education like a business, wouldn’t it make more business sense to work smarter not harder? Eliminate waste and use resources more efficiently is good business. Companies that utilize their workers, technology, and administration properly succeed. Those who would follow a business plan like Dunc are bound to fail.

Enough with the verbal alchemy. Let’s do something substantial.


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