Rachel Maddow Declares War on Moderates

Et tu, Rachel?

I have watched Rachel Maddow from time to time. I would even make a point to catch her on Air America. Maddow appeared to be a sensible alternative to the screaming swelled heads of O’Reilly, Olbermann, and others of their ilk. Even as an occasional viewer I could tell that Maddow’s political leanings were left-liberal. Still, she would provide a sound point of view backed by facts. Maddow gave the other side respect instead of just yelling in their faces. I really respected Maddow, until now.

from The Purple Center

With MSNBC host Rachel Maddow beating the drum for them, self-styled “progressives” have launched a campaign to beat up on moderate Democrats, newly dubbed “Conservadems.” The main targets appear to be Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh — who just last year was among Barack Obama’s final three picks for VP — and the 15 Democratic Senators Bayh has pulled together in a new centrist caucus. Also in their sights are the 49 House Democrats who make up the Blue Dog Coalition .

The “Dog the (Blue) Dogs” campaign is spearheaded by The Campaign for America’s Future, which bills itself as “the strategy center for the progressive movement” and USAction, a union-supported outfit that claims to build grassroots campaigns. Naturally, left-leaning blogs like firedoglake, digby and Crooks and Liars — who have a penchant for forming circular firing squads — are taking up the new cause with a vengeance.

These “progressives” are not content to take these moderate Democrats to task on the merits of their positions, which generally lean toward prudence in taxation and fiscal policy. They prefer to try to delegitimize them as Democrats with the label “Conservadems,” lump them together with the most right-wing Republicans, and revile them for the crime of reflecting the moderate voters in their states — states like Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia that provided the swing votes to elect a Democratic President and return big Democratic majorities to Congress last November.

Rachel I thought you had more sense than that. Don’t you realize what you’re doing? Attempting to shame other Dems further left will only further alienate them. When you do want their support where will you turn. They can swing their votes just as easily as a moderate Republican.

Does all of this sound familiar? It should. Rush Limbaugh has attacked Republicans who don’t fit into his narrow view of conservatism recently, including RNC Chair Michael Steele. Maddow is taking a page straight from the Limbo playbook? Kick anyone out of our tent that doesn’t hold the exact same “progressive” ideals that we do. Look how well that has worked for Rush’s ratings and the Republican party at large. Your sounds really progressive Rachel.


2 Responses

  1. Reporting is now declaring war? Maddow questions why these Conservocrats are doing what they’re doing, but you make it sound as if she’s engaged in the types of vendetta-like smears and distortions that are the hallmark of Rush Limbaugh. I think you’re finding something that isn’t there.

  2. Reporting isn’t declaring war. It just makes a good headline. Got you to read it didn’t it.

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