Boston Traffic – Or how I learned to expand my vulgar language

My New England readers are probably family with the twisting insanity of driving anywhere near Boston. That labyrinth of aneurysm bursting paved cow paths is the bane of anyone who has to travel in Bean Town. All of my milltown profanities, usually buried deep within, spew forth even at the thought of those poorly planned streetlights and one-way roads to Hell.

Consider my anger when I read this story from Reason

Baby on Board

Jennifer Davis’s contractions were 3 minutes apart, and her husband John was trying to get her to the hospital before she gave birth. But the roads of the Greater Boston area were clogged at rush hour, so they asked a state trooper if they could drive in the emergency lane. He said they could as long as they kept their hazard lights on and only did it when traffic was stalled. A second trooper spotted them, but as soon as they told him their story he let them continue. A third trooper wasn’t as understanding. He not only told them to stop driving in the emergency lane, he gave them a ticket.

Words cannot fully express my absolute shock and disgust. I’ll keep it brief so that I really don’t go off. Shame on you Mass State Trooper! Have you no compassion or a brain to think outside of the strict sense of the law. Clearly not. I hope you loose your job. Such ignorance should not be tolerated!

Flame me all you want readers about how I don’t know how hard it is to be a law officer bla bla bla. I don’t care. I want officers able to make good judgement calls, not Judge Dread.


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