Sunday Editorial on Editorials – Backlash against Snowe and Collins

Republicans throughout Maine, at least the ones writing editorials, are about ready to hang Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe for treason. Voting your conscience is apparently not appreciated by conservative opinionators.

The two have been referred to as Republicans only during election season, treasonous, and reincarnations of that icon for turncoats Benedict Arnold.

I can’t say I’m surprised to see this kind of reaction. I am however disappointed. Many writers were upset that Snowe and Collins were not sticking to their conservative principles. I don’t recall them ever claiming to be conservatives. In fact both ran on being Moderate Republicans, which led them to win reelection in the most Liberal region of the country. Nor is this the first time the two senators have broken ranks with their party. Yet people are still surprised.

One reader even accused them of not reading the stimulus. Even though it is well known that Collins was one of the senators who poured over the bill looking for fat to trim out. Collins even stood fast against Sen Harry Reid in negotiations for spending reductions. I doubt whether or not this commentor has read enough, or any, of the bill in order to say whether or not the Senators can make an educated judgement on it.

Only one writer supported the Senators saying “Whining on the left, whining on the right! Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe have the fortitude to vote for what is right and not what ‘the party’ wants.” Even Collins said that if the far right says there is too much spending and the far right says there isn’t enough then they are doing something right.

The bill isn’t perfect and I doubt it can ever be perfect. Neither side will ever get exactly what they want. And maybe they shouldn’t. Republicans don’t have all the answers and the Democrats don’t either.

I applaud Snowe and Collins for breaking ranks to do what they believe is right and for working on the inside to bring some moderation to the stimulus rather than shouting outside the walls hoping to be heard.


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