Plumber Watch ’09 – We’re not worthy

I really wish I was making this up. All of this would make one Hell of a hilarious novel. Joe the Anti-Socialist Crusader had a few remarks on the stimulus and his political career after his meeting with the Conservative Working Group yesterday.

from NY Daily News:

You’d think Joe the Plumber’s 15 minutes would be up by now. But , no, after a stint as a correspondent in Israel, he took his act to Capitol Hill today.

The first order of business: giving political advice to conservative Republican staffers at breakfast, which, Wurzelbacher told us, “Went really well.”

His advice, essentially, was to take no prisoners in standing up for their beliefs.

“It’s not politically incorrect to say you’re Republican or conservative,” Joe said. “They need to dig their heels in and fight for what needs to be done.”

And no reason to be subtle, he said, as long as folks inform themselves. “I don’t believe there’s two sides to every story. It’s black and white,” Wurzelbacher explained. “There’s right and wrong.”

One thing that needs to be done, he said, is killing this stimulus package, because it’s just another example of “American government” — Republicans and Democrats — “kicking our butts left and right.” He also called it welfare.

As for his own political career, America will just have to wait six years until his son grows up.

“I don’t know if the American public deserve me,” he said, “but my son definitely deserves my time now.”

So look for Joe for Something in 2015. Why not? He’s kept his 15 minutes going this long.

Subtly is clearly wasted on this man. Life must be easy when every single thing is one way or another. Life is not a children’s story. There is not a white knight and an evil dragon to slay everywhere. There are nuances to almost every situation. Lord knows that are about a hundred million elements to the current economic crisis and stimulus package. To dismiss it just because you think it may be welfare is idiotic. I don’t agree certain spending in the bill, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The “deserve me” quote? I should hope we don’t deserve this guy. That would reflect extremely poorly on our country. I do applaud Joe for saying his son deserves his time right now. Despite all of his flaws I am glad he is trying to be a good father. I wont make a dig at Joe out of that.


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