Plumber Watch ’09 – Mr. Wurzelbacher goes to Washington

I’m starting to feel bad for the GOP. They lost a hard fought Presidential election. The Dems have an almost filibuster proof majority in the senate. They are working hard to find a relevant identity in the 21st century. Will they drift further toward the Palins or closer toward the sensible center?

Amid all this there is that linger PR disaster Joe The Plumber. Plumber Watch ’09 has received reports that Joe is on the move. Mr. Wurzelbacher, fresh of his Gaza war correspondent gig, is heading to DC. There he will meet with the GOP strategy group The Conservative Working Group Tuesday morning. The focus of the meeting is the economic stimulus plan. Mr. Wurzelbacher is aparently not too happy with this plan. Who could have guessed? More here, here, and here.


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