Sunday Editorial on Editorials – Bush War Crimes Trial?

Sometime around George W Bush’s third year in office, it became fashionable to take a shot at the man. He gave detractors plenty of fodder. Iraq, Katrina, torture, No Child Left Behind, and the Patriot Act were just a few the controversial elements of the Bush Presidency. Whole sites were built around Dubya’s fuddled speeches called “Bushism“. Late night television and Saturday Night Live churned out endless jokes and parodies of the Ex-President. Then change came.

Bush is out. Obama is in. Change came. Yet some on the far left still feel the need to persecute George Bush.

In this morning’s Kennebec Journal one letter writer said: I think it’s time that the hate-filled left-wing loonies get a grip on reality. All they can say is investigate Bush for this or that. I’d like to know just one right or privilege they have lost in the past eight years.

While we can debate whether or not Bush encroached on our civil liberties or not, does the man deserve to be on trial for war crimes? Probably not. Launching a poorly planned preemptive war in which civilian lives are lost does not add up to a war crime. By those standards, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton could all have been brought to trial for war crimes. The total civilian deaths in Iraq are still less than the Japanese killed at Hiroshima

The last eight years are over. Now we are on to at least the next four. There are bigger fish to fry than Bush. Will bringing Bush and his cronies to trial create more jobs? Will the trial raise the market? Boost the economy? Increase consumer confidence? The answer to all those questions is no. We have an imminent crisis to attend to. I want this economy back on track, and I think the majority of Americans agree, before anything like this is pursued.

One look at Bush’s face on inauguration day and you can tell he is tired and defeated. There will be books and documentaries to come praising and bashing Bush. History will give the man his due. Focusing on that depressing time wont uplift anyone. Let him be and focus on the real task at hand.


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