Hey! Over Here! – N.Korea acts up

With all the talk focused on Hamas, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia lately poor North Korea seems to be feeling left out. Like a child acting out to get attention, N. Korea revoked it’s non-aggression pact with South Korea along with all other peace agreements. Tensions could flare up of a disputed sea border in the Yellow Sea. Clashes occurred in this region in 1999 and 2002.

“We hope that North Korea fully understands that raising tension between the South and the North is not desirable for settling peace on the Korean peninsula,” Kim Ho-nyoun, South Korean spokesman for the Unification Ministry said in a statement. “The North needs to recognize that rising inter-Korean tension is not desirable not only for the peace of the Korean Peninsula but also for the peace of Northeast Asia and the world,” said Kim. “We urge the North to back dialogue and cooperation with us.”

Trying to soften South Korea’s stance with the North and gaining the attention of President Obama is said to be the goal of any hostilities.


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