Bipartisanship? – House vote on stimulus package today

The House will vote today on the much debated stimulus package. It should go without saying that House Dems have enough votes to push the bill through. Even though President Obama tried to rally Republicans to his cause, their votes are not needed to pass the stimulus. I supposed the courtesy Obama extended to Republicans was made to further his call to unity. I would have much rather Obama pushed both sides to debate the stimlus further rather than rushing out an imperfect plan. The House stimulus breaks down to $550 billion in spending and $275 billion in tax cuts, with a total of $825 billion being spent.

When the bill reaches the Senate it will see an increase to $887 billion. Questions are still abound on Capitol Hill among Democrats and Republicans, as well as in the news as to how effective this stimulus will be. Let’s hope the Democrats will not get overzealous and just send out any ol thing. I can’t emphasize enough how I want bipartisan debate on this. Take the time, make it the best stimulus it can be and really help this country.

Someone once said that a social progressive fiscal conservative person doesn’t exist. Well I think I may have just become one.


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