Things Get "Nasty" Kennedy vs. Patterson

Things have taken a turn for the crazy in the continuing Caroline Kennedy senate drama. Governor Patterson had a bit of a problem keeping the closed door goings on to himself. At a party this past weekend Patterson reportedly told guests Kennedy had been “nasty” and “disrespectful” in how she bowed out of the race.

Patterson of course denied the remarks. This has not prevented politicos coming out of the woodwork to hit back at Patterson. One friend of the Kennedy’s said “It’s not going over well.” to put it lightly. New York City Mayor Bloomberg came out swinging.

“I thought that the stuff that I saw in the papers was totally inappropriate,” said Bloomberg, “It’s as good an example of cheap dirty politics as you could ever find, and I thought it was reprehensible. I have no idea where it came from, and no, I don’t know her personal life well enough to know whether there’s anything there whatsoever.”

I’ll solve the whole thing right now. Caroline: Politics is a tough game. If you can’t take the scrutiny stay home, stay out of it, and stop wasting time. Patterson: Don’t be such a big baby. So what if she was rude. No one has ever been rude to you before? Kennedy is gone. Shut your mouth and get back to work. New York doesn’t run itself.

Sometimes I’m glad I live in boring ol Maine


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