Now They Want To Help – Hollywood and Public Service

Patrick Edaburn over at The Moderate Voice posted a piece on celebrities and public service.

Here is one of my favorite parts:

“I point this out because it seems to Mr. Kutcher that patriotism and devotion to country are like a comfy jacket that you put on when you want and then put back in the closet until the next time you feel the need. Patroitism means putting country before self, service before ideology and they do not depend on who sits in the White House.”

My Thoughts: Hollywood will come out to support who ever it is fashionable to support. Hollywood will bash whoever it is fashionable to bash. Remember during the 90s when every celeb jumped on the save the rain forest bandwagon. What happened to that? Are all the rain forests safe now? There are exceptions of course like Brad Pitt. Pitt has done a lot of work in New Orleans creating homes for those still living in FEMA trailers. A celebrity actually supporting a cause not overseas?! I know it’s quite shocking.

I trust few in Hollywood to actually make any real difference. It’s all about publicity for many in Hollywood. As in the past, the “average” American will heed the call to service for their country.


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