Laaaaaazy – The French Work Week

The French have had a 35 hour work week since 1998. Conservative French politicians, angry with this socialist policy, lobbied to have the mandatory work hours limit removed. Bosses can now set whatever hours they want, with 35 as a minimum. Much to the chagrin of French conservatives, most companies have stayed at 35 hours. Conservatives see the shortened work week as excessive leisure time. While French workers certainly enjoy the extra time with their families, the shorter work week saves companies money in these hard economic times. It’s really a win win for everyone involved.

That is the difference between Europeans and Americans. Europeans realize that a happy worker is a good worker. When a worker can spend more time with their family that creates a stronger family and thus a stronger nation. Americans, especially social conservatives, yell about the decline of the family unit and its connection to the country’s decline. They will lay blame on everything from gay marriage and single mothers to socialism and minorities for this breakup of family. Those same conservatives however refuse to support working families so that they can spend more quality time with their families. It just goes to show how much the extreme right really care for this country.

By the way, I don’t believe all conservatives or Republicans are in the same category as extremists. Most aren’t. There are a great many Republicans fighting for the middle and working classes in this country.

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