Maine Civil Rights Update

Another bill has been announced by Rep. Leslie Fossel on the issue of gay marriage. The Bangor Daily News reported Saturday that the new bill “would extend to couples on Maine’s Domestic Partner Registry the same legal rights and benefits as married couple”.

The biggest problem equality groups in Maine have with this bill is that it still creates a “sperate but equal” institution. Anyone who paid attention in high school history knows how well that works.

Proponents of traditional marriage are coming out against both Rep. Fossel’s bill and Sen. Damon’s more progressive bill. Rev. Bob Emrich of the Maine Marriage Alliance stated, “If Rep. Fossel thinks this is not going to be contentious or divisive, he has not been paying attention. He doesn’t understand what is going on in Maine.” Considering Mainers voted to uphold an anti-discrimination law a few years ago its safe to say the Reverend is a bit out of touch.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland and the Maine Family Policy Council both stated they would likely come out against the bills as well.

This is going to be a tough fight. I would not be surprised to see national coverage of this story over the comming months.


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