Sunday Editorial on Editorials

There have been a lot of words flying around lately about Maine’s upcoming equal marriage rights law. The editorial pages of the Kennebec Journal contained some views on the subject this Sunday.

The first is from a person I would assume to be an avid Catholic – as apposed to me who is an extremely lapsed Catholic. I don’t even make it to church on Christmas. The writer has solved the gay marriage problem for everyone. They look to the Bible. Frankly I’m surprised no one thought of that before. The Bible quite clearly states “Let no man lay with another.” Thank you for pointing that out Beverly. No one had thought of using that argument before. Do you know why they wrote that in the Bible? That little gem was included to encourage men and women to marry Catholic then have babies and baptize them in the Church, thus furthering the Church’s following. Even though God may have had an influence on the Bible, a man’s hand put in on paper and men are imperfect.

The writer goes on to state that she believes gay men has a very challenging life. I am not gay so I don’t presume to know how difficult life is for someone who is. Beverly being neither a man nor, I assume, homosexual cannot properly judge either. It isn’t so much her deeming a gay life a challenging one, but what she says makes it challenging really irks me. According to Beverly a gay man has only to paths in life: to remain celibate or get married and “procreate only when you want have children”. That’s it. There is black and there is white. There is the Catholic way, which Beverly says, “makes husbands and wives respect each other”. If my wife had not still been asleep I would have laughed a good long belly laugh. Beverly must have never read Brideshead Revisited.

There have been plenty of unhappy, sexless Catholic marriages between two heterosexual couples that “procreate” only to have children. I wont even get into all those priest who were supposed to be celibate and well you know the rest. A gay man could never be happy without kids. Everyone wants children. And of course gay couples can’t adopt a child who is in need either. Then, I’m assuming that gay men should even be allowed to be couples. What kind of world are we living in?!

This just highlights the hard road Maine’s equal marriage rights bill has ahead. You see Maine allows citizens to write a people’s veto of any recently passed bill. Surely this bill will face that, as have others in the past. This bill is something the others weren’t. Marriage is not trying to be redefined here. Marriage will be marriage and civil unions will be civil unions. Those entering civil unions will receive the same legal benefits as married couples. This will take a big bite out of the religious argument that marriage should be kept separate. Support this bill however and whenever you can!


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